What IMburse does:

IMburse orchestrates transactions for the insurance industry making it easier than ever to connect, pay-out and collect.


New and alternative payment technologies are on the verge of replacing traditional payment methods. However, the integration of new collection channels is costly and time consuming for global insurers with outdated legacy systems often inhibiting quick adaptations and innovation.

The IMburse platform offers a variety of pre-integrated channels for cash collection, thereby, making costly integrations a thing of the past whilst enabling new payment channels in just a few clicks.



With IMburse, insurance companies can give their customers the choice of how they want to receive payments. Direct replacement of a lost item? A premium reduction? Or perhaps a voucher to spend at your favourite store? With IMburse your company can enable a personalized transactional relationship with customers in just a few clicks



We are on a continuous mission to integrate new payment technologies and partners. Today we already work with leading providers in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Portugal, and Spain.

Payments: Mastercard, Visa, Worldpay, eupago – more to be announced imminently

Vouchers: optiopay, barzahlen – more to be announced imminently

IMburse solves an important insurance business problem

The business problem:

Global insurance companies need to deal with several million transactions per month. To manage them, they work with various payment technologies, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and strategic partners. Large volumes running on outdated systems makes for very painful challenges. It's like piping the main water supply of a city through tangled garden hoses.

It is no surprise that integrating a new payment method or partner is a costly and time consuming exercise, often taking years to deploy. This is just too slow for companies who want to compete fiercely, grow dramatically and are looking to benefit from significant cost reductions and optimizations.

Managing payments has become a major roadblock to implement innovative ideas like pay as you go insurance, micro-insurance, or the like.


The solution:

IMburse offers insurance companies a single platform through which they can connect to all payment technologies and payment providers. With just one integration we open up a world of transactional opportunities. Let IMburse take care of your transactions technology – so that you can focus on your business.


IMburse value propositions

Customer experience:

Build a personalized relationship with your customers. Create attractive product bundles by integrating relevant payment options and leverage rewards from strategic partners or even local shops in your offer.


IMburse only requires one light-touch API-based integration. After that, you can can offer new payment channels - literally in minutes. It’s just one click on the IMburse platform.


Payment methods are evolving quickly. With IMburse you can offer the best payment methods for each market. Credit cards, bank transfers, digital wallets or cash – we’ve got it covered.


Our reporting capabilities provide you with a real-time overview of what is happening within all your collection, bank and pay-out channels. IMburse gives you full insight into what is happening in your transaction universe.

IMburse particularly empowers Treasury & Finance, IT departments and Product & Marketing to increase their impact on the companies’ priorities.

IMburse for Product & Marketing: Enhance customer value with IMburse.

Pay-out claims:

Let your customers claim their pay-outs how and when they want to. They can spend it directly to replace items, use it to reduce their insurance premiums or extract a voucher for later use. IMburse lets you create a transactional, personalized relationship with your customers in just a few mouse clicks.

payouts 2.png

Design reward programs with direct impact. Create reward bundles with strategic partners to enhance customer benefit.


Or let your customers decide how they want to cash in the reward. With IMburse you can even integrate down to very local stores into your reward programs – without having to onboard them into your own IT systems.

onboarding icons.png

IMburse for Treasury and Finance: Improve transparency and control over your transactions globally.

Reporting, reconciliation, and settlement:

Don’t lose oversight of your transactions. Our reporting capabilities provide you with a real-time overview of your transactions on every channel and with every partner globally. You no longer need to crawl through different reporting formats and varying settlement procedures from different PSPs or markets. IMburse provides a single point of truth for all your transactions globally.

Connect with the right providers in minutes:

Identify the right providers for your business and connect with them in minutes. Create and constantly adapt the payment ecosystem that best supports your business objectives. All it takes are a few mouse-clicks on the IMburse platform.

Empower your regions:

IMburse lets you manage your bank and payment provider relationships globally while regions and markets are empowered to decide what capabilities to deploy locally.

IMburse for IT: Release IT teams from the burden of integrating and maintaining payment channels that constantly change.

One integration instead of many

One light-touch API based integration with IMburse replaces the otherwise numerous integrations needed across multiple payment providers. This saves costs and frees-up capacity to better support strategic business requests.

Integrate new PSPs quickly

Integrating new PSPs becomes a matter of minutes and no longer require large time- and resource-consuming projects. Let IMburse free up your IT capacity which you can then deploy to address other priority business needs.

White label and fully customizable solutions available

Use our white label integration for quick implementation. You can easily define your corporate colors and integrate your logo. Alternatively, you can integrate IMburse directly into your own customer journeys and be in full control of the customization.

How IMburse does it:

With just one light-touch integration IMburse offers almost unlimited transactional capabilities

IMburse connects IT systems from large insurers with payment technologies, service providers, strategic partners and other businesses of your choice. We pre-integrate them on our platform and can then offer a “transactions-as-a-service" solution to companies. With just the one integration into IMburse, you gain almost unlimited transactional capabilities.


IMburse achieves excellence with world-class partners

IMburse is proud to work with some of the best partners in their fields of expertise. They complement our capabilities and enhance our offering. Together, we deploy faster.

Project implementation. Clients with big projects and the need for fast delivery can directly work with our partner EY to integrate IMburse. EY knows our platform well and stands for delivery excellence as one of the leading global management consultancies.

Product development & programming. Our partner for product development is the software development company Symbility Intersect, a global leader in creating and delivering exceptional digital Insurtech solutions.

Vouchers. Optiopay and Barzahlen are our partners for vouchers and pay-out.

We are continually expanding our partner ecosystem – stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


Our business model is to enhance the transaction capabilities of insurance companies with minimal IT intervention by orchestrating cash-collection and pay-out channels.

We are a transaction orchestrator. As orchestrator we connect clients with transaction technologies, service providers and partners – every client chooses the best providers freely. We make transactions easy for companies and help to unlock new business potential.

Pricing. We offer a fair and simple charging structure that is linked very closely to the services we provide and the value you will extract.

Who we are

The IMburse team has the capabilities it takes to deliver.

We are business problem solvers. Our motivation is to partner-up with large insurers, to identify their key business problems and to solve them. That way IMburse intends to become a major building block of modern businesses by offering transactions-as-a-service. We have a solid business background in finance, insurance, reporting, e-commerce, high-volume computing, enterprise deployment combined with a digital mindset.


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