No more direct integrations

Simplifying payment integrations
for enterprises and those with
legacy IT systems.
In a world where consumer and business payment preferences and technologies are ever-evolving, the Imburse “Payments as a Service” enterprise platform offers integration-free access to the entire global payment ecosystem, from card collections, to debit orders, e-wallets, push to card transactions, inter-bank systems, vouchers and more.  Imburse offers the complete freedom to rapidly enhance and deploy any change to your payment offering in less than 5 mins at zero cost. 



The complete solution for your business

Our core focus is to enhance the transaction capabilities of companies whilst minimizing complexity and IT integration. We do this by orchestrating collection and pay-out channels effortlessly, connecting you with the broadest range of available service providers and partners.

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Imburse creates value by empowering your business in the areas that matter most.

Customer experience: Build a personalized relationship with your customers. 

Create engaging customer journeys, attractive product bundles by offering customer relevant payment options and maximize rewards with strategic partners.

Savings: A single, easy integration to access a full suite of payments and reporting.  

Reduce the number of integrations into your IT system. Select, change and update collection and pay-out options in minutes. Reallocate your resources and enhance your system security by dealing only with a single integration.

Flexibility: Offer any payment type in any market.

Payment methods are evolving quickly and new technologies are appearing all the time. Always offer the best and most current payment methods for each market, expand effortlessly into new regions and constantly stay ahead of the curve. Credit cards, bank transfers, digital wallets or cash – we’ve got it covered.

Transparency: Leverage real-time reporting for greater optimization.

Benefit from having a detailed overview of what is happening within all your collection and pay-out channels. Easily leverage the single source of transaction data to enhance your reporting capabilities, build smart and automated cash flow models as well as develop the next generation treasury tools.   


Built for developers by developers

Imburse is creating a new standard in transaction processing. We do this by focusing on our technology and developing with developers in mind. A seamless payment processing experience starts with a solid technical foundation. 

Use our libraries, plugins and SDKs to connect to our platform and start transacting today.

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