Cheque Replacement Solution

Giving your business the freedom to succeed

The Problem: Company operations are under stress

A payments alternative to cheques is urgently needed. Your business needs to rapidly adapt to recent challenges to survive and meet regulator directives.


Customers are refusing to accept cheques and there is no one in offices of company clients to receive and deposit them.


You need access to bank transfer capabilities NOW to replace existing cheque processes. You need to fulfil your obligation to pay your clients and relieve your completely overstretched resources quickly.

The Solution: Integration-free access to other payment technologies

Imburse is an integration-free connection to all technologies and providers throughout the global payments ecosystem.  


Imburse cheque replacement is a ready to go, stable and scalable solution which does not require major costs or IT resource, change in your existing payment provider and can

be delivered  in as little as 48 hours*.


Easy to initiate, control and approve. It is quick, secure and future proof.

*see timetable

Rapid deployment - Freedom to succeed

Map processes and payment providers


Connect internally and spec out connections

Finalise and prioritise connections and visuals


Negotiate and sign contracts (MSA/SaaS)

GET STARTED with exploring the requirements. A lot can be done without IT integrations

Update visuals, create portals and load users


Connect to systems and payment providers

Move solution into a production environment


Support and business service assessments

Critically dependent on the choice of payment provider and reporting and reconciliation integration

Deploy processes improvements Enhance


functionality and automation

Most value from full connection into Imburse services platform

Quick, secure and futureproof

  • Better engage customers

  • Unblock resources

  • Speed up deployment

  • Adapt and compete quickly

  • Reduce costs by millions

  • Easily expand markets

Freedom to deploy

  • Rapidly move from cheque

  • Comply with local regulations

  • Deploy enhanced security

  • Two factor authentication

  • White label/integrate into your own journey

  • Seamlessly integrate into existing services

Other operational challenges that Imburse can solve

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