How IMburse does it:

With just one light-touch integration IMburse offers almost unlimited transactional capabilities

IMburse connects IT systems from large insurers with payment technologies, service providers, strategic partners and other businesses of your choice. We pre-integrate them on our platform and can then offer a “transactions-as-a-service" solution to companies. With just the one integration into IMburse, you gain almost unlimited transactional capabilities.


IMburse achieves excellence with world-class partners

IMburse is proud to work with some of the best partners in their fields of expertise. They complement our capabilities and enhance our offering. Together, we deploy faster.

Project implementation. Clients with big projects and the need for fast delivery can directly work with our partner EY to integrate IMburse. EY knows our platform well and stands for delivery excellence as one of the leading global management consultancies.

Product development & programming. Our partner for product development is the software development company Symbility Intersect, a global leader in creating and delivering exceptional digital Insurtech solutions.

Vouchers. Optiopay and Barzahlen are our partners for vouchers and pay-out.

We are continually expanding our partner ecosystem – stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


Our business model is to enhance the transaction capabilities of insurance companies with minimal IT intervention by orchestrating cash-collection and pay-out channels.

We are a transaction orchestrator. As orchestrator we connect clients with transaction technologies, service providers and partners – every client chooses the best providers freely. We make transactions easy for companies and help to unlock new business potential.

Pricing. We offer a fair and simple charging structure that is linked very closely to the services we provide and the value you will extract.