What are we doing in your industry?



Real-time claims settlement like paying for device replacements, medical services or vehicle repairs without needing direct IT integration with those providers

Multi-market premium collections to enable expansion ambitions to new markets without new IT work

Multi-market claims payout to enable expansion ambitions to new markets without new IT work

Improve premium collection rates by offering more collection options that solve the underlying business challenges



Develop new products by combining new transaction capabilities and existing products to deliver better product experiences

Deliver a rewards element linked to products and behaviour to enhance customer loyalty and customer value

Leverage Imburse AI to make the best transactional offer to a customer in the moment of transacting with them 

Combine own products to build new offers and propositions without needing any internal IT integrations 



Offer reimbursements and returns that engage customers with multiple reimbursement options without any IT work

Deploy multi-market collections to enable quick and easy entry into new markets without needing new IT deployment

Deploy enhanced internal supplier automation around settlements and reporting and achieve internal efficiency and cost reductions

Achieve transaction cost reductions by optimizing collection and reimbursement technology choice and usage 



Launch in-car transactions by connecting the onboard computer, SatNav and franchise ecosystem to simplify payments and customer engagement

Develop "Medical as a Service" and leverage Imburse AI to link optimal treatment choice directly to provider ecosystem

Deploy flexible billing, refunds and rewards for "Pay as you Use" models in the energy, mobility and tourism sectors

Offer convenient pay-out options for the public transport, aviation, travel and assistance sectors