Imburse offers a variety of pre-integrated channels for payment collections making costly and time consuming integrations a thing of the past.


With Imburse your business can deploy new and alternative payment technologies in just a few clicks.


Imburse offers a variety of pay-out solutions. Settle directly to a bank account, e-wallet or virtual card. Issue a voucher, cash disbursement or enable spend on a partner website. With Imburse your business can tailor a personalized transactional relationship for customers and suppliers alike – all in a few clicks and minimal impact on IT systems.

Partnership Ecosystem

Identify the right partners for your business and leverage them to enhance customer value with just a few clicks and in minutes. Create and adapt the partnership ecosystem that best supports you and your business objectives.

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Treasury 4.0

Don’t lose oversight of your transactions. Our reporting capabilities provide you with a real-time overview of your transactions on every channel and with every partner. With Imburse you can empower revolutionary insights and drive your treasury capabilities to reach new heights.

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